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Views normally hidden.

Hiking is the opportunity for exploration, the opportunity to leave the bustle of the world behind and lose yourself in nature. Smell the earth, feel the breeze as it travels through leaves and hair, hear the scuffle of the ground as you amble through trails to a destination unknown. Exploration gives way to discovery in an environment where time matters naught, and the essence is to become one with the surroundings. Each adventure allows for one to discover something knew about a place one thought they knew – there is always an element that can change an environment, be it the slightest bit, or be it so significant your eye is instantly drawn to it.

I have been hiking through this trail a few times, and had become familiar with the landscape. However, with this journey, I came upon a view normally reserved for the earth. The after effects of a strong storm had left parts of the landscape changed and in disarray. Nature is always filled with surprises, and I feel with each one I find, I begin to feel a closer kinship. What I see through my eye may not necessarily be what you may see through these hidden features, but I think we can all agree – Whether it be right before you eyes, or hidden away until brought forth to light, Mother Nature surely is creative and beautiful.

So, my question to all of you out there, what do you see and experience through your eyes?

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Autumn Splendor.

It has definitely been one hot, humid summer. As much as I love the summertime and the sunshine, I catch myself thinking of fall. How beautiful the leaves are when the change color, and yes, the ability to wear a t-shirt and jeans without sweat pouring off of you. Here’s my thought for fall, taken at Six Mile Creek Vineyard in Ithaca, NY.

Autumn Splendor, Photograph.

This photograph has been entered as part of the Finger Lakes Wine Country Natural Wonders Photo Contest. Please visit to vote for this photograph. You can vote for your favorite photograph once a day! Thank you all for visiting, and for voting! 🙂

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Day’s End.

There are certain places, certain times of day that trigger emotions in people. Sunsets are relaxing, rain showers are soothing, beaches bring tranquility. There is a certain beach I tremendously enjoy going to, whether it be in the summertime or wintertime, sun or snow. Sitting on its shorts gives me a sense of peace, an escape from the daily hub bub that is only minutes away. I feel as if all my problems drift away as I sink my feet into the mixture of rock and sand. This place has become as familiar to me as the back of my own hand, yet there are still days that I go, and sit in awe at the beauty provided before my eyes. This photograph was taken as the sun was setting on the beach at low tide, just as the tide was beginning to turn. Perfect end of day shot.

Day’s End. Photograph.

Day’s End was selected as part of the Long Island Museum’s Juried Show ‘Long Island, Natural Wonder.’

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Scratchboard Goodness.

I wrote a post awhile ago about looking through old artwork and reminiscing through these works. After viewing these pieces from long ago, I realized how much I loved doing scratchboards. So much, I decided it was about time to jump back on the wagon and try again. The art of scratching is one that requires patience and a steady hand, both of which I have some difficulty achieving at times. Well, I hunkered down and went to work. My most recent adventure in scratching brought out my love again, wanting me to create more. And so, Fringe was created.

Fringe; 6×6, Ampersand Claybord.

Detail shot of Fringe.

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Cake Smash!

As I’ve said many times before, one of my favorite shoots for littles ones is the cake smash. I love being able to capture the first look on a little one’s face as they investigate the cake, and then, the mess that ensues thereafter. Being a part of these moments, and being able to provide the photographs that will last long after the memory fades puts a huge smile on my face. Here are some peeks from a cake smash I recently did.


Posted by: spottedfootprints | February 10, 2012

One dragonfly, fly fly..

I must share, I may have a minor obsession with dragonflies. I’m entranced by the way their wings shine like jewels in the sunlight. I enjoy watching them flit from reed to reed, and back. The buzz of wings as they propel by. The myriad of colors they glitter, from tip to tail. And those eyes. They’re mesmerizing, absolutely interesting. Basically, I think these little guys are pretty wonderful and fantastic. And as much as I love wintertime, I am sorely missing the sight of them flitting around. So now, time to share!


Point of rest.


At rest.


The turquoise eye.



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A little bit of sunshine to brighten up the cold.

Winter is finally beginning to send its cold tendrils out over the area, and I am happily snuggled underneath warm blankets and drinking some tea. I love the cold weather as much as I love the summer weather, and I am eagerly awaiting the time when I can stare out my window and see snow falling to the ground. For now, I am content browsing through my photos of all seasons and enjoy sharing them with you.

For this post, sending some sunshine and yellow happiness your way!


Sunflower field.

Greeter to the field.


Leading to the farmhouse.

Sunny trio.


In the midst of flowers.

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Little hands, little feet – cake smashes and newborn portraiture.

I must say, the most enjoyable photo shoots I have done involve children. So happy, so  playful, brimming with smiles, or filled with the serene calm of a sleep only a newborn can capture. To not be at bliss while capturing these gems would be a shame! With each shoot comes a new adventure, and I love being able to share in special moments that families will cherish for years to come.

So I share with all of you a few shots from the shoots I have done in the past few months. Hope they put a smile on your face!

Beach pail pose.

Sibling love.

Sleepy giraffe.



Lollipop guitar.

In the cake.

Messy feets.

Black and white smiles.


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Monochrome grapes and vines – photographs from Long Island Wine Country.

In a Row.

Macro monochrome.

Monochrome vines.

Along the Vine.

Down the Row.

Find more photographs of my vines and vineyards at – 

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Productive Painting Evenings.

I decided the other night to break out my acrylics and and work on a painting to submit for South Street Gallery’s 10 x 10 = 100 Art Show and Sale. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Show and Sale, South Street Gallery holds a yearly fundraising event for the North Fork Environmental council. Participants are given 10 x 10 birch panels to create upon, and the works are put up for sale for the month of December, with each work being priced at $100. The idea of creating to help out the North Fork Environmental Council greatly excited me, and with this drive I began to unpack supplies and paint.

Now everyone has their own way of setting up their supplies and getting into their groove of painting. I, for one, do not have the luxury of having a real studio space presently, so my easel and supplies share the room with a futon, television and computer. Naturally, when it’s time for me to paint, the entire room is completely taken over to my happiness. So I set everything up, the easel is moved into the center of the room, the paints are out. I put some music on, because I can’t paint in silence, and lately my music of choice has been The Vitamin String Quartet. I decide to go against this, put on some Pandora to listen to some bands I really enjoy, but haven’t listened to in awhile. With that, and a nice cup of tea, I begin to paint. Minutes fly by and turn into hours, the music is going, I’m singing and bobbing to the music, and my painting transforms. Somewhere near the end of my great painting streak, I am found amidst supplies, paints and brushes, music, with a huge grin on my face. I didn’t realize quite how loud the music was, or how loud my singing was for that matter. It seemed as the deeper I was getting entranced in my work, the less I realized of the world that was going on outside my small studio space. All that occupied my mind was the brush creating strokes on the panel, and that this groove I was in was giving me great results on a wood panel I’ve never used before, with a style that started as an experiment that truly blossomed. During the beginning of the process and laying down the groundwork, I experienced that feeling of disgruntlement, and was worried I wasn’t going to like the outcome – but I trudged through. As the time flew by, I felt like light beams began to show through as I was having success with my brush and the colors I wanted to portray. As my painting flow continued into the later hours of the evening, I stopped to step back and look upon my little 10 x 10 panel. A few more touches here and there, and she is complete and ready to go.


Tranquil Tide, 10 x 10, acrylic on panel.



So, my question of the day for everyone out there reading this, what helps get you into a great painting flow? What helps fuel your painting and/or artistic sessions?



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