Posted by: spottedfootprints | April 28, 2011


I must say.. I should have a camera glued to me at all times. There are just some times in my life where I should have a camera next to me, ready to go.

The sunrise with the veil of mist the other morning driving home from work.. Pure masterpiece. The way the fog filtered the light just looked amazing.. If I could sit there and capture the moment, even better, bottle it and savor it. Would be delightful.

I am so happy to say the piping plovers are officially back for the season. Even happier to say I got to spend a nice three hours with them yesterday shooting them. They were fun and having their chirp, chirp, meeeep conversations – I got sunburn. Well worth the adventure, most indefinitely.
Projects are up and coming. My sanderling painting is almost at the 3/4 done mark. Two ideas already forming in my head for other paintings.. As well as a potential scratchboard? Hmm. I need some more days off! 🙂

For now. Good eve.


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