Posted by: spottedfootprints | July 11, 2011

Wet Paint Festival Weekend!

Awesome weekend, with amazing artists all throughout Stony Brook!

Continuing tradition with a dear friend who shares my passion for plein air, we begin the weekend bright and early, and end late.

3 days worth of painting outdoors under sunny skies and somewhat humid weather. Nothing like packing up enough supplies so your pack isn’t too heavy, but enough so that you can appropriately create your  masterpiece.

Plein air painting is a feeling that cannot ever be replicated in a studio setting. You’re up close and personal with nature, at mercy to her moods. She may smile on you and give you a days worth of perfect light, or you may be looking over your shoulder every minute at the changing light, and ominous clouds lurking just over the trees.

Well, mother nature decided to be both sweet and moody during the 3 days of painting. She rained, she gave us sunshine, and she also made it nice and sticky sweet to paint.

I for one, enjoyed my setup on the ground alongside Mill Pond, pastels in hand. My visitors for the weekend continuously told me I had quite the wonderful spot- and I most definitely agree.

Visit the Three Village Patch website, as well as Gallery North’s for event information.

Paintings will be on silent auction in the Gallery from Tuesday July 12 through Thursday July 14.

‘Safe Haven’, 16×22, pastel painting.


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