Posted by: spottedfootprints | August 27, 2011

Awaiting Irene.

Sometime in the next few hours Hurricane Irene will come into contact with Long Island. The past few days of people hurriedly running around to garner supplies has left stores shelves empty of water, milk, and nonperishable food items. Gas stations have been running out of gas left and right in my area due to the influx of people coming out to fill their tanks before power outages begin. Already in the past two days I have seen car accidents from people who are much too much in a rush to get their goods and be on their way, without a heed for their neighbor. Hospitals on the island have been evacuated. Completely evacuated. Patient rooms no longer hold children, men, and women who are healing. They are filled with empty beds, supplies being  unused. Taped on their doors are signs saying ‘evacuated.’ When will they reopen? Nobody is sure until we get through the night. No one will know until the situation is reassessed tomorrow, when the majority of the hurricane should be on its way away from here. Or will it be? The news is saying that the eye of the storm has hit the Atlantic, she’s gaining speed. Is the hurricane gaining strength? I guess we will be finding out first hand. News of tornadoes? You betcha. It feels like the week of natural disasters.

The only thing to do now is to buckle up. There is absolutely nothing that can be done now other than wait, and hope, that this storm passes, and passes mercifully. And as I sit here, keeping one eye out the window, I wonder what I’m sure many people are who are being affected by this.

Is it over yet?

The time for Irene to come introduce herself is getting close. May every one be smart, be safe.


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