Posted by: spottedfootprints | September 7, 2011

It may be raining, but it sure is proving to be a wonderful week.

Windows are open, the cool air is blowing through the gauze curtains and I sit and inhale. A calm washes over me as I hear raindrops pattering against the earth. Oh, how I’ve missed those cool, rainy days where windows can stay wide open and I can enjoy the smells and sounds.

I’ve been working on a painting and scratchboard lately, as well as numerous photos just begging to be sorted through. Painting is so so close to being done, but I will not unveil yet until the finishing touches are complete. But.. I may just show a sneak preview because I am so excited about how this piece is coming out. Not my usual style, but the way this has transformed before my eyes, it might as well become a standard integration in my paintings. As for my scratchings, well, that is still way under wraps for now.

A preview of my newest painting. More to come!

I am having a meeting tomorrow with the owner of Harmony Vineyards to view their gallery space and to discuss with the owner, David Acker, which photographs of mine they would like displayed in their space. They are a new local winery opening sometime in the next month, and it is my pleasure to share that my photographs will be displayed for their opening! I am very excited to be able to showcase my work alongside wonderful wines in a truly amazing tasting setting. More news on the opening and information will follow as I get them.

So, it may be raining, but let it rain. The creative juices are flowing to earth’s melody.


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