Posted by: spottedfootprints | September 19, 2011

Updates and upcoming events!

Now that summer is beginning to fade into the fall season, I begin to get ready for those comfy sweaters, sweatpants, apple cider, pumpkins, and all of the goodness that comes with fall. But relaxing? Yeah, that’s still on hold for now.

Did a photo shoot last week with a little cutie for her first birthday. A dear friend I work with enjoyed the last cake smash I did, and asked if I could do a photo shoot of her daughter as well. Let me tell you firsthand how much I absolutely love doing first birthday photoshoots, and most importantly I love shooting cake smashes. Being able to place a cake in front of a child and say, “Go ahead!”, is such a treat. At first, these little munchkins have no idea what you mean. You mean we get to smash the cake? I get to touch it with my bare hands? Mommy won’t get mad if I make a mess? You have to start with encouragement and let them know, yes, it’s okay to make a mess, we want you to make a mess. Once they start to get into the hang of things, the cake smash becomes a hit. I’ve finally finished editing my photos from the shoot, and I’m looking forward to passing them on for the family to enjoy. I will be posting the photos from the shoot sometime next week on my Flickr, so keep an eye out!

For upcoming events, this weekend is the East End Seaport Museum & Maritime Foundation 2011 Maritime Festival. This is going to be a great weekend out in Greenport, Long Island. To make it even more exciting, Friday and Saturday there will be many plein air painters in the village capturing Greenport at it’s finest; and you’ve guessed it, I will be one of those artists painting in the village. The South Street Gallery is sponsoring the plein air event, with an art show and auction planned for Saturday evening from 6-8pm. Proceeds from the auction go towards the Greenport Gallery Walk, as well as the gallery and artists. No plans this weekend? Come on down and enjoy the sites and sounds of Greenport, and support your local artists!

For additional information regarding the Maritime Festival,  please visit:

For additional information regarding the South Street Gallery, please visit


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