Posted by: spottedfootprints | September 28, 2011

Productive evenings.

Once again it’s raining outside, but the rain just seems to make my production increase.

The 2011 Maritime Museum Paint Festival may have been considered a wash by some- Day 1 I found myself underneath an awning for bands to play under behind Claudio’s while rain and wind pelted around me. Spent the entire day soggy, but happy to say my pastels stayed nice and dry the entire time. There was a little bit of confusion as to where artists were bringing their finished works, and then, last minute, the people in charge decided to move the location of the auction from the park into the small schoolhouse in town. Needless to say, I think this affected how bidding went, and how many people actually saw completed works.

As for this evening, I have a much happier vibe. I’m dry, I have tea, I have music, while I create. Rain continues its sweet melody outside, setting a nice calm tune for myself. ‘The Midnight Prance of Sanderlings’ is now officially complete! Much happiness there. I started on a new painting tonight as well, aiming for some experimentation. It will be a mixed media piece of sunflowers, we shall see how it goes.

Overall, spending my days off painting and photos is the way to be. Updates to follow soon on pictures of pieces, promise!

Let the creation continue!


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