Posted by: spottedfootprints | November 19, 2011

Productive Painting Evenings.

I decided the other night to break out my acrylics and and work on a painting to submit for South Street Gallery’s 10 x 10 = 100 Art Show and Sale. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Show and Sale, South Street Gallery holds a yearly fundraising event for the North Fork Environmental council. Participants are given 10 x 10 birch panels to create upon, and the works are put up for sale for the month of December, with each work being priced at $100. The idea of creating to help out the North Fork Environmental Council greatly excited me, and with this drive I began to unpack supplies and paint.

Now everyone has their own way of setting up their supplies and getting into their groove of painting. I, for one, do not have the luxury of having a real studio space presently, so my easel and supplies share the room with a futon, television and computer. Naturally, when it’s time for me to paint, the entire room is completely taken over to my happiness. So I set everything up, the easel is moved into the center of the room, the paints are out. I put some music on, because I can’t paint in silence, and lately my music of choice has been The Vitamin String Quartet. I decide to go against this, put on some Pandora to listen to some bands I really enjoy, but haven’t listened to in awhile. With that, and a nice cup of tea, I begin to paint. Minutes fly by and turn into hours, the music is going, I’m singing and bobbing to the music, and my painting transforms. Somewhere near the end of my great painting streak, I am found amidst supplies, paints and brushes, music, with a huge grin on my face. I didn’t realize quite how loud the music was, or how loud my singing was for that matter. It seemed as the deeper I was getting entranced in my work, the less I realized of the world that was going on outside my small studio space. All that occupied my mind was the brush creating strokes on the panel, and that this groove I was in was giving me great results on a wood panel I’ve never used before, with a style that started as an experiment that truly blossomed. During the beginning of the process and laying down the groundwork, I experienced that feeling of disgruntlement, and was worried I wasn’t going to like the outcome – but I trudged through. As the time flew by, I felt like light beams began to show through as I was having success with my brush and the colors I wanted to portray. As my painting flow continued into the later hours of the evening, I stopped to step back and look upon my little 10 x 10 panel. A few more touches here and there, and she is complete and ready to go.


Tranquil Tide, 10 x 10, acrylic on panel.



So, my question of the day for everyone out there reading this, what helps get you into a great painting flow? What helps fuel your painting and/or artistic sessions?





  1. I Like it very creative:)

  2. Love the texture in this.

  3. Andrea I was so taken with your process and your results. Though I most often paint in silence, my painting process is very much like yours. I have only recently had a separate space that I can call my own for painting – it is still shared with my laptop and printer but doesn’t have to put away to eat dinner. Such a luxury! I wish you this for some day in your future.

    • Thank you Terrill! Sometimes I feel like the process takes away from the painting with all of the unpacking and the cleaning up and such, but when you have a great painting night it’s so worth it. Thank you for the well wishes – we are in the process of saving for a house, and the deal is a spare room will become my studio space.. I can only imagine how nice it will be and all of the things I will be putting in it! But for now, I have this little tiny space with a futon, TV, and a laptop. I feel like painting in silence would be quite nice and relaxing, I really need to just turn the music off one day and go for it. We spend most of our lives surrounded by sound, it might be nice to just keep the peace and quiet for once.

  4. I love the mental image of you painting, with music (and singing) blaring in the not-so-background! =D

    • Sometimes all I need is good music to get the painting process flowing! Once I start, I just keep going! 🙂

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