Posted by: spottedfootprints | July 23, 2012

Day’s End.

There are certain places, certain times of day that trigger emotions in people. Sunsets are relaxing, rain showers are soothing, beaches bring tranquility. There is a certain beach I tremendously enjoy going to, whether it be in the summertime or wintertime, sun or snow. Sitting on its shorts gives me a sense of peace, an escape from the daily hub bub that is only minutes away. I feel as if all my problems drift away as I sink my feet into the mixture of rock and sand. This place has become as familiar to me as the back of my own hand, yet there are still days that I go, and sit in awe at the beauty provided before my eyes. This photograph was taken as the sun was setting on the beach at low tide, just as the tide was beginning to turn. Perfect end of day shot.

Day’s End. Photograph.

Day’s End was selected as part of the Long Island Museum’s Juried Show ‘Long Island, Natural Wonder.’


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