Posted by: spottedfootprints | July 28, 2012

Views normally hidden.

Hiking is the opportunity for exploration, the opportunity to leave the bustle of the world behind and lose yourself in nature. Smell the earth, feel the breeze as it travels through leaves and hair, hear the scuffle of the ground as you amble through trails to a destination unknown. Exploration gives way to discovery in an environment where time matters naught, and the essence is to become one with the surroundings. Each adventure allows for one to discover something knew about a place one thought they knew – there is always an element that can change an environment, be it the slightest bit, or be it so significant your eye is instantly drawn to it.

I have been hiking through this trail a few times, and had become familiar with the landscape. However, with this journey, I came upon a view normally reserved for the earth. The after effects of a strong storm had left parts of the landscape changed and in disarray. Nature is always filled with surprises, and I feel with each one I find, I begin to feel a closer kinship. What I see through my eye may not necessarily be what you may see through these hidden features, but I think we can all agree – Whether it be right before you eyes, or hidden away until brought forth to light, Mother Nature surely is creative and beautiful.

So, my question to all of you out there, what do you see and experience through your eyes?


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