Posted by: spottedfootprints | November 10, 2011

Opening Reception for Abstract Show This Weekend!

Plans for this weekend? If you’re on Long Island without plans this Saturday evening, well, I have a plan for you!

Studio East Gallery in Greenport is having a wine and cheese reception for the opening of their Abstract Art and Sculpture Show. Come on down and meet the artists, see the beautiful artwork, have some wine and cheese, and maybe go home with some new art for your home! I am pleased to share that I will have three photographs in this show.

The opening reception is from 6-9 pm at Studio East Gallery, located at 120 Front Street in Greenport, right across the street from Mitchell Park.


Hope to see some faces there this weekend!


Two Tone. Photograph.

The Secret Stairs. Photograph.

Mosaic. Photograph.

Posted by: spottedfootprints | October 26, 2011

Viruses and hairy things (with some good news as well!)

So my laptop has been officially wiped out by some virus of unknown origin, removing my ability to get onto the online world, as well as having the tendency to randomly turn off whenever it feels like. So, after a week and a half of not having a laptop, finally, I have it back, completely cleared out and ready to go. Now the task of re-loading all of the programs I had available on my computer to use. Joy. Time to save up for a new one sometime soon, I’m thinking. This isn’t the first time I’ve had an issue with a bug on this computer, and I do have anti-virus and the whole nine yards. Bah.


On a lighter, much much happier note, I just spent the weekend with a wonderful group of people up in the Finger Lakes. Spent the weekending visiting the western side of Cayuga Lake and the  eastern side of Seneca Lake for two days filled with laughter, beautiful scenery, and good wine. Expect a post in the next few days chock full of my travels and laughs from the past weekend. Definitely a trip to remember, and repeat.


Art and photography wise- finishing up the scratchboard I’ve been working on. It is a little slow going, scratchboards do get tedious after awhile, but the results are worth it. Patience, patience. Have a bunch of new photos to edit and post up on here as well as Flickr. The next week is going to be spent catching up on posting that I’ve fallen behind on due to this issue with the computer. Getting some work ready for an Abstract show down at Studio East for November (yay!). Those works and information about the show will be soon to follow once I have all of the details.


For now, time to stock my computer up again with programs and get ready to get back to work!

Posted by: spottedfootprints | October 12, 2011

Studio East Gallery in Greenport- Women Only Show (and some new work!)

Studio East Gallery will be showcasing their Women Only show October 8 through November 5. I am very excited and proud to say that I will be displaying two photographs and a painting in this show, with all works being recently created. The Women Only show has numerous local artists across Long Island, with all works available for sale. Proceeds from sales of artwork will be donated to the ‘Save The Ta-Ta’s’ in honor of Breast Cancer month. Have spare time and in the Greenport area? Please visit the Studio East Gallery and view these great works, and perhaps bring one home for a great cause!

Studio East Gallery is located at 120 Front Street, Suite 9 in Greenport. Find the Gallery across the street from Mitchell Park!

Sunny Trio

Sunny Trio - 18 x 22 mixed media piece.

The Search for Buried Treasure - photograph.

Sunset at Low Tide - photograph.

Posted by: spottedfootprints | September 28, 2011

Productive evenings.

Once again it’s raining outside, but the rain just seems to make my production increase.

The 2011 Maritime Museum Paint Festival may have been considered a wash by some- Day 1 I found myself underneath an awning for bands to play under behind Claudio’s while rain and wind pelted around me. Spent the entire day soggy, but happy to say my pastels stayed nice and dry the entire time. There was a little bit of confusion as to where artists were bringing their finished works, and then, last minute, the people in charge decided to move the location of the auction from the park into the small schoolhouse in town. Needless to say, I think this affected how bidding went, and how many people actually saw completed works.

As for this evening, I have a much happier vibe. I’m dry, I have tea, I have music, while I create. Rain continues its sweet melody outside, setting a nice calm tune for myself. ‘The Midnight Prance of Sanderlings’ is now officially complete! Much happiness there. I started on a new painting tonight as well, aiming for some experimentation. It will be a mixed media piece of sunflowers, we shall see how it goes.

Overall, spending my days off painting and photos is the way to be. Updates to follow soon on pictures of pieces, promise!

Let the creation continue!

Posted by: spottedfootprints | September 21, 2011

East End Seaport 2011 Maritime Festival.

For all of those located on the Long Island – Connecticut region, who has plans this weekend? Plans or lack thereof, I have plans for you!


The East End Seaport Museum in Greenport is holding it’s annual Maritime Festival. Plein air artists will  be on location Friday and Saturday painting the picturesque village of Greenport. I will be one of many artists painting on location these two days, with thanks to the South Street Gallery. To see completed pieces, there will be an art show in Mitchell park to showcase the completed works Saturday afternoon from 4-6pm, with an auction following from 6-8pm.


Greenport is a wonderful village with many wonderful experiences- from the numerous art galleries, shops, culture, and dining experience, there is much to offer for someone visiting for the day. To top  it off, the festival will have kayak races, ice and sail boats, a parade, pirates, and a gallery walk. What more could you ask for on a lovely fall weekend?


Come out and visit the east end at Greenport and experience the Maritime Festival first hand!


For information regarding events and locations, please visit:

Posted by: spottedfootprints | September 19, 2011

Updates and upcoming events!

Now that summer is beginning to fade into the fall season, I begin to get ready for those comfy sweaters, sweatpants, apple cider, pumpkins, and all of the goodness that comes with fall. But relaxing? Yeah, that’s still on hold for now.

Did a photo shoot last week with a little cutie for her first birthday. A dear friend I work with enjoyed the last cake smash I did, and asked if I could do a photo shoot of her daughter as well. Let me tell you firsthand how much I absolutely love doing first birthday photoshoots, and most importantly I love shooting cake smashes. Being able to place a cake in front of a child and say, “Go ahead!”, is such a treat. At first, these little munchkins have no idea what you mean. You mean we get to smash the cake? I get to touch it with my bare hands? Mommy won’t get mad if I make a mess? You have to start with encouragement and let them know, yes, it’s okay to make a mess, we want you to make a mess. Once they start to get into the hang of things, the cake smash becomes a hit. I’ve finally finished editing my photos from the shoot, and I’m looking forward to passing them on for the family to enjoy. I will be posting the photos from the shoot sometime next week on my Flickr, so keep an eye out!

For upcoming events, this weekend is the East End Seaport Museum & Maritime Foundation 2011 Maritime Festival. This is going to be a great weekend out in Greenport, Long Island. To make it even more exciting, Friday and Saturday there will be many plein air painters in the village capturing Greenport at it’s finest; and you’ve guessed it, I will be one of those artists painting in the village. The South Street Gallery is sponsoring the plein air event, with an art show and auction planned for Saturday evening from 6-8pm. Proceeds from the auction go towards the Greenport Gallery Walk, as well as the gallery and artists. No plans this weekend? Come on down and enjoy the sites and sounds of Greenport, and support your local artists!

For additional information regarding the Maritime Festival,  please visit:

For additional information regarding the South Street Gallery, please visit

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It may be raining, but it sure is proving to be a wonderful week.

Windows are open, the cool air is blowing through the gauze curtains and I sit and inhale. A calm washes over me as I hear raindrops pattering against the earth. Oh, how I’ve missed those cool, rainy days where windows can stay wide open and I can enjoy the smells and sounds.

I’ve been working on a painting and scratchboard lately, as well as numerous photos just begging to be sorted through. Painting is so so close to being done, but I will not unveil yet until the finishing touches are complete. But.. I may just show a sneak preview because I am so excited about how this piece is coming out. Not my usual style, but the way this has transformed before my eyes, it might as well become a standard integration in my paintings. As for my scratchings, well, that is still way under wraps for now.

A preview of my newest painting. More to come!

I am having a meeting tomorrow with the owner of Harmony Vineyards to view their gallery space and to discuss with the owner, David Acker, which photographs of mine they would like displayed in their space. They are a new local winery opening sometime in the next month, and it is my pleasure to share that my photographs will be displayed for their opening! I am very excited to be able to showcase my work alongside wonderful wines in a truly amazing tasting setting. More news on the opening and information will follow as I get them.

So, it may be raining, but let it rain. The creative juices are flowing to earth’s melody.

Posted by: spottedfootprints | August 27, 2011

Awaiting Irene.

Sometime in the next few hours Hurricane Irene will come into contact with Long Island. The past few days of people hurriedly running around to garner supplies has left stores shelves empty of water, milk, and nonperishable food items. Gas stations have been running out of gas left and right in my area due to the influx of people coming out to fill their tanks before power outages begin. Already in the past two days I have seen car accidents from people who are much too much in a rush to get their goods and be on their way, without a heed for their neighbor. Hospitals on the island have been evacuated. Completely evacuated. Patient rooms no longer hold children, men, and women who are healing. They are filled with empty beds, supplies being  unused. Taped on their doors are signs saying ‘evacuated.’ When will they reopen? Nobody is sure until we get through the night. No one will know until the situation is reassessed tomorrow, when the majority of the hurricane should be on its way away from here. Or will it be? The news is saying that the eye of the storm has hit the Atlantic, she’s gaining speed. Is the hurricane gaining strength? I guess we will be finding out first hand. News of tornadoes? You betcha. It feels like the week of natural disasters.

The only thing to do now is to buckle up. There is absolutely nothing that can be done now other than wait, and hope, that this storm passes, and passes mercifully. And as I sit here, keeping one eye out the window, I wonder what I’m sure many people are who are being affected by this.

Is it over yet?

The time for Irene to come introduce herself is getting close. May every one be smart, be safe.

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Painting, scratching, colorful fingertips, paint splatter.

A short, but sweet post, with updates to follow-

There is a painting/scratchboard/pastel free-for-all going on in my makeshift studio presently.

Paintings in progress to be completed, new scratchboards in process coming along quite nicely, and new pastels, both in studio and en plein air over the next few days.

As well as getting ready for that hurricane that’s making its way up the coast.

With a sturdy cup of tea, a little string quartet music, and my supplies, here I go.

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Reminiscing through the old.

It’s always endearing to look back upon old works. To blow the dust off of the container that holds pieces that date back into the high school years. Seeing the change from when you thought you were doing pretty good, to the now. Improvements? Oh, most definitely. Though it is quite interesting to look back and see how you approached certain aspects of a painting then, and looking upon it now, view the different approach that would be taken if the painting was done in present time. Looking back at what you’ve created in the past is a constant reminder how one is constantly improving, continuously finding new ways to approach problems that may or may not still persist, and a remind that although they way you hold your utensils may change, you still have your own footprint that continuously evolves as your work does. Deep down, it’s still yourself evolving, developing, and creating.

Looking back may create different emotions. You may look back at a painting and remember the feelings of the environment- the smells, the sounds, the tastes. Close your eyes and bring yourself back to that day. Or, look at a piece from bygones ago, and remember your one of your first experiences with the medium. Some pieces regrettable, others so so, while others left you wanting more. I feel that looking back at them makes you realize what intrigued you about a medium so much in the first place, and makes you want to just pick a piece up and work on one instantly.



Neither Fish Nor Fowl- 9x12 scratchboard. An oldie but a goodie- one of my first experiments with Ampersand Claybord.

So, at the end of the day, it’s a nice trip down memory lane to view works from time gone by. Always good to remember where you’ve come from, how far you’ve gone, and how far you still have to go. For now, it’s time to pick up some of those supplies left sitting for some time. Now is as good of a time as any to jump back in and get your feet wet.

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